X-ray fluorescence software

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PANalytical, XRF

PANalytical’s XRF software suite

Each PANalytical XRF spectrometer is available with advanced and highly specialized software. This maximizes the effectiveness of the analysis that is performed with that particular XRF spectrometer or series of XRF spectrometers.


SuperQ software is straightforward and makes Zetium and CubiX spectrometers accessible to administrators and routine operators.

SuperQ Thin Film, PANalytical
SuperQ Thin Film

SuperQ Thin Film software platform makes accurate process control and wafer analysis easier than ever.

Stratos, PANalytical

Determination of composition and thickness of coatings and multi-layers.

Epsilon 3<sup>X</sup>, PANalytical
Epsilon software

Epsilon software is the XRF analysis software platform that is used with our range of Epsilon 3X and Epsilon 1 benchtop EDXRF systems.

PANalytical XRF software Omnian

Omnian software enables users to achieve the best possible analysis when dedicated methods or certified standards do not exist.